Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, we are a full service residential contractor providing general contracting services throughout Central Ohio and Cincinnati.


Remodeling your entire home can be a daunting and exciting prospect! Our clients have typically been thinking about or discussing their remodel for quite a while. Their vision for the project comes with plenty of ideas, hopes and wish lists along with many questions.


Home additions in Central Ohio and the surrounding metro areas have long been popular remodeling projects as they’re typically the most efficient way to add living value. However, building an addition is a major decision and a solid foundation of research, planning and preparation is critical. We have outlined the Design Process and other key things to consider when undertaking a home addition.


Kitchen renovating can be as unique as you are! We are often asked about the steps that go into a successful kitchen remodeling project. Our answer?! Successfully navigating the Design Process is the key to upgrade this well-loved part of your home. To further explain this, we will address three topics: Design, Permitting and Planning/Execution for a successful kitchen remodel.


Bathroom renovation is your opportunity to create your private oasis! We are often asked about the steps that go into a successful bathroom remodeling project. Our answer?! Successfully navigating the Design Process is the key to upgrading your private retreat. To further explain this, we will address three topics: Design, Permitting, and Planning/Execution for a successful bathroom remodel.


Basement remodeling is a great way to add useable or liveable square feet to your home without changing the existing footprint of the house. Designing an unfinished basement is challenging and exciting! You get to have this underutilized space tailored to the highest and best use for your family.


Regardless of the complexity of your project, we take the time to go through these steps to help you know what you need and help you get what you want. From initial consultation to final closeout you will experience a project built by craftsmen and managed by professionals.


At Ohio Property Brothers we pride ourselves on delivering a team approach to your project. This will start during our first scheduled call when we discuss where you are in the process. We want to get acquainted with you! What are your ideas and vision for the project? Have you been planning this for years or are you just getting started? Normally, during a 20 minute phone call we can determine if you are ready for an in-home consultation. During our visit to your home we love seeing any photos or sketches that you have saved in a folder or simply a screenshot on your phone. We will discuss timeframe and budget while taking some rough measurements. Our in home visits normally take 30-60 minutes and we will follow up with a design agreement within 3 business days.


Once the design agreement is approved, we shift directly to the design and preconstruction phase. During preconstruction we are working with you to identify materials and clarify the scope of work. This can seem daunting and time consuming but we expedite this critical phase of the project with a design calendar where milestones and responses are organized and outlined.  Sometimes this phase of the project actually takes longer than the execution of work!


With the completed design we can sign the construction contract together. Permits and site work can begin soon and your job is in production! We share our interactive and live production calendar with you so that you’ll know the plan for the entire project. We work diligently to maintain a timeline that reduces the disruption in your normal schedule. Communication is paramount to all of our staff and the crews on site, we share pictures and answer questions in real time and are available to quickly navigate any issues or concerns if they arise.


The closeout phase starts before the end of the project. We pay close attention to sweep, dust, mop, clean or shine any areas affected by the project. We strive for a zero punch list and during this final phase we will register or deliver any warranty paperwork, explain the use of any new features in your home and you can rest assured knowing you will understand how to use anything we have installed. We love pictures of our hard work and may schedule a photography shoot, then share any pictures with you.