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Bathroom Remodeling


Every bathroom renovation is unique, but successfully navigating the process from the initial
design consultation to breaking ground does not work without a general structure. Our
construction team of architects, bathroom designers, and interior designers have developed and
continue to refine our process. The general steps are outlined below:

  • Initial Design Consultation:

  • Visiting with you in your home will allow us to understand your vision while talking openly about your needs and preferences. We will discuss specific topics about what is not working in the current layout. This will allow us take detailed notes which will provide valuable insight to our design team. We will need to know if you prefer a soaking tub or an extra-large makeup counter! Talking openly will help us help you and we will prioritize a list of questions to help organize thoughts. This meeting should be informal and conversational, this is a great time to review inspirational images from Houzz, Pintrest or your favorite magazine!

  • Schematic Design:

  • Here we will use our previous conversations and measurements together in a presentation of the newly proposed bathroom. Based on the specific needs, this will be two or three-dimensional renderings and you will begin to envision the space as we define and refine the layout with floor plan, layout, and finish concepts.

  • Revisions to Schematic Design:

  • We will begin to revise the design based on your feedback from the initial design presentation. A conceptual plan will begin to emerge and this will provide us with the information we need to start developing a design package. From here we will compile elements from previous designs options and refine until we have the final schematic layout.

  • Trade Walkthrough:

  • After you have approved the schematic or conceptual design of your new kitchen, Ohio Property Brothers will coordinate walkthroughs with our trade partners. This can normally be accomplished in a couple visits to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Our trade women and men are critical to the success of the project and Ohio Property Brothers will actively engaged incommunication with any architect, engineer, plumber, electrician, site foreman and others on the construction team. We will use all of this information and feedback to develop the pricing for the project.

  • Finish Selections:

  • During this stage of the design we will have a solid view of your aesthetic vision for the bathroom. At this point the broad strokes of the type of materials you want will be broken down into manageable bite size decisions related to the actual products we will use in your home. We will help you prioritize the selections based on common lead times and connect you with the appropriate show rooms or vendors. Many of Ohio Property Brothers clients will utilize these
    referrals as we have negotiated discounts and established relationships.

  • Construction Documents:

  • After the finish selections have been finalized we communicate the necessary design and architectural elements to the construction team and finish preparing the documents for the appropriate permitting department. The planning prior to this stage will pay off exponentially as we define and detail the final plans.


Following the trade walkthrough and finish selections, we have the information we need to write up the construction contract and finalize construction pricing for your bathroom. In the rare occasion where finishes for the addition have not been finalized, material allowances may be used. This enables us to move into contract and begin the permitting process.

There will be multiple pre-construction meetings, some with you and a number will be with our staff and the construction team. These meetings will define logistical issues such as living and parking arrangements, tool and material staging, dumpster placement, nosy neighbor protocol and much more! Some projects will be invasive enough that you will move offsite for specific portions of the project. Be assured, Ohio Property Brothers Project Managers will be in tune to your needs and will remain in consistent communication. Parts of the construction phase are exciting as we all get to view the fruits of our labor in tangible, structural progress! Before you know it, you will have your private space all to yourself again – this time completely updated!


A smooth bathroom renovation does not happen by accident. Rather, it is a carefully choreographed and meticulously planned series of steps that should be coordinated weeks in advance. In addition, the process is largely the same for the smallest bathroom in Upper Arlington as it is for a bathroom remodel in a double-walk-in closet in Powell. Our bathroom ​designers coordinate with our construction team as soon as the final plan is agreed on and we have received a signed construction contract and deposit. The preparation begins as follows:

  • Ordering:

  • We identify items with the longest lead time. Typically, these are bathroom cabinetry and windows and doors (more or less six weeks for both). However, tile and specialty items can also take a surprisingly long time to arrive. Once we identify the bottlenecks, we can prioritize.

  • Scheduling:

  • Once we have a good sense of the arrival dates of materials, the bathroom designer meets with our construction team to review the project. There are several parts to the meeting:

  • Plan review:

  • Having another set of eyes on the plans before the home remodeling work begins often allows us to prepare for potential bottlenecks and spot problems ahead of time. Everyone is on the same page before the renovation begins.

  • Building a Construction Calendar:

  • The construction team builds a day by day calendar that is shared with everyone on the team. A bathroom renovation is a linear process and milestones are prioritized. Generally, the critical milestones are close-in inspections (to allow subfloor and drywall to begin), installing the cabinetry (to allow for the counter template which typically takes a week between template and install) and counter install (to allow for backsplash tile and plumbing and electrical finals to begin).

  • Pre-construction Meeting:

  • Our kitchen designers and construction team will meet with you at your house one to two weeks before the remodel is scheduled to begin. This allows us to plan for practical considerations such as a temporary bathroom during renovation, what hours we will be working, and what areas of the house we can use for staging materials if needed.

“Ohio Property Brothers was extremely professional when they came to remodel my bathroom. I was very pleased with the way the job turned out and have received many compliments from family and friends. I would highly recommend them for any remodel job. The contractor was able to trouble shoot through some difficult obstacles and provided many very helpful suggestions that I would not have been able to “see” otherwise. (design, color, materials, and finishing touches). He even met me at Home Depot to help me pick materials. I absolutely love the finished product and can’t wait to use OPB for my next project-My kitchen. Not to mention, the price was very reasonable and competitive with other companies.”.


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