Basement Remodel – Westerville, Ohio


Blank slates provide ample room for creativity and unfinished basements are an excellent example of a blank slate. This space needed to be ready for anything! Seating for about 35 of your favorite friends on Buckeye Saturday game day, full kitchen with a stocked beverage fridge, room for cocktails, banquette for an evening of poker, darts, or a pool tournament, lounge by the fireplace, popcorn and snacks for movie night, sleepovers down the hall or….. Whatever you want!


Q: How do you create an open concept while providing space transitioning and include different styles in each area?

A: With deliberate planning and intentional material selections

Unfinished basements have specific hardpoints which make for great starting points for design. Normally there are mechanicals like the furnace, hot water tanks, data room, sprinkler system, electrical panels, etc. but there are also storage needs that are specific to the owner. In unfinished basements the perimeter is normally fully defined with concrete or block walls. These items are what we refer to as hardpoints since we don’t plan to move them.

When considering the layout for this space it made sense to plan storage in the alcoves with a full bathroom next to the staircase. The reason this made sense is because the staircase and furnace were directly in the middle of the basement. This allowed for four separate open spaces, entry, pool table, bar seating with full kitchen and a comfortable seating area. The enclosed spaces are; bathroom, bedroom, furnace and two separate storage areas. Further utilizing all the available space we were able to add a closet in the bedroom, walk in shower in the bathroom along with a recessed medicine cabinet. Who says construction isn’t a game of inches!


We had a lot of fun with fixtures on this project, the style transitions to each area with each fixture selection both by color and raw material. With more seating than some small venues we knew there would be many chairs and barstools scraping across the floor and possibly a spilled beverage or two. We also knew there would be plenty of foot traffic as guests galavanting about, so we wanted a floor with easy clean up and solid durability. The choice was to use the existing concrete floors and stain them to provide a consistent floor throughout.

The first space you see as you come down the stairs is the entry area, it’s warm and inviting, accented with a barn wood ceiling and custom rope fixture. Heading towards the pool table, you’ll pass a full bathroom on the left hand side which has upscale fixtures and mixed metals for the console sink, mirror, shower glass and accessories. The bathroom also has the same custom cabinetry as the kitchen to make the recessed medicine cabinet and the same barnwood from the bar on the TP holder!

Pool table area has a custom made lighting fixture which is similar to the console sink and the natural wood for the bar ledger is the same species and stain as the bar top. The rug used here is the first hint of blue in the basement. The snack bar with beverage cooler is the same color custom cabinetry and same countertop as the lower bars in the kitchen.

The bar area is ready for a bartender with plenty of space for making cocktails. There is tile backsplash behind the bar for easy clean up and extra beverage fridges along with drawers for anything you need on hand to serve guests. There is a built-in dishwasher and counter depth fridge (backordered, not pictured). Next to the fridge is a built-in wine rack, front and back bar have granite countertops, plenty of drawer space, advantium oven and kitchen sink.

As we continue into the seating area we have a very comfortable restaurant style leather banquette with ample seating for gathering. The custom light illuminates a round table that finishes the wood accents and begins the formal seating. This bold blue accent wall makes a statement and ties everything together. The intersection of colors, wood types, metals and materials show how intentional the design and layout are.

We can relax by the built-in fireplace with leather seating and ottoman before we head into the hallway where we get the last transition of mixed metal in the hallway sconce lighting. The blues are utilized again with a similar rug as used in the pool table area. A quick turn in the hallway leads us to a simple room perfect for guests who will reside in this basement oasis for the night.

If you enjoyed this virtual tour, are you ready to transform your blank slate?