Ohio Property Brothers Rock – a new stone company is born!

That’s right, we’ve started another company.  Ohio Property Brothers Rock LLC is now open for business.  A little information about the new business:

What products or services will you offer?

We will offer a full range of stone: granite, marble, quartz and more.  We will purchase, fabricate and install the stone for you.

You were already installing granite/stone with Ohio Property Brothers, why a separate company?

Ohio Property Brothers was still having to pay premiums on our stone because we were hiring another company, same as any other remodeling business.  Through our networking and focus on relationships we have partnered with an experienced fabricator and installer to create a win-win business relationship.  Ohio Property Brothers is now using Ohio Property Brothers Rock for all our stone needs and we get to offer these same services to homeowners and all around central Ohio.


Let’s take a look at the average supply chain that it takes to install your standard granite kitchen countertop:

Manufacturer  Distributor Fabricator  Installer

We take out steps to ensure overall job quality

At Ohio Property Brothers Rock your installer is also your fabricator.  There is always risk when the installer goes to take measurements, then communicates those measurements to the fabricator.  Our installer is the one who has gone over your design with you and is actually doing the fabrication.

We save you money

Many times when home owners upgrade their countertops it is part of a bigger job so there is usually a general contractor managing the entire project.  This continues to add to the total cost that it takes to get the job done. Ohio Property Brothers Rock cuts out multiple steps and middle-man work to deliver the best value and highest quality.  We purchase the stone directly from the distributor, fabricate in our own shop and install directly to your home. You are welcome to have your contractor contact us and we will coordinate closely with them and allow you to hire us directly.

We can manage your entire project

If it is part of a larger project and you want us to handle it all we will, Brian is a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor and can manage the entire project.  We will deliver on your projects, no matter how creative or simple, the same quality and integrity you expect from any of our companies.

Is the “Rock” in your company name an adjective or a noun? Yes! Well technically it is a noun, but we like the play on words.  You can decide if it will be an adjective.  Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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