If you want to invest in real estate – we can help.


Invest in Ohio Real Estate

If you want to invest in real estate – we can help.

We are buying all different types of investment properties: turn-key rentals, single or multi-family, fix and flip.  We can help you build a custom real estate investment strategy. Whether you are new to investing and just starting to learn or are an experienced investor looking to add to your portfolio.

While there are many different investment strategies for investing in real estate, Ohio Property Brothers is most focused and experienced with flipping, rentals and property management.

How to use Ohio Property Brothers to grow your real estate investing portfolio


Rentals (Turn-key or self-managed)

Property Management

Invest in a House Flip

What is house flipping?

The concept is quite simple: find a home below market value, fix it up and sell it. Profit = Sale price – purchase price – expenses. The execution and making this a business is quite difficult. You have to be able to find properties under market value, manage contractors, make sure your cost estimates stay on track, make sure you are accounting correctly for all the costs – including “hidden” costs like title closing, finance charges, Realtor fees, taxes, insurance, etc.

Why invest in flipping?

  • Flipping is usually larger risk, but can also be larger reward in terms of percentage yield on your investment.
  • It is just cool and fun to do!  House flipping has become quite popular with all the home renovation shows.  It is awesome to see the transformation!

How can Ohio Property Brothers help you invest in flipping houses?

  • I am a handyman and want to do the work myself: Ohio Property Brothers can help you find that fixer-upper and help you analyze the deal to make sure you’ll make the return on your investment that you need.  We get off-market deals and find deals on the MLS – so we can definitely help you find your next deal.
  • I am a new investor and want to invest in house flipping: The best house flipping deals usually need to be purchased with cash, but there are also potential financing options available. We can help you determine what are some good options based on your goals and risk tolerance.  One way you can use Ohio Property Brothers is to partner on a specific house flip.  We can manage everything from acquisition to remodeling to staging and selling.
  • I am a seasoned investor and looking to keep buying more flips: If you’ve been doing house flipping already we can still help expand your business. We can help you manage more projects at once or potentially even help drive your material costs down with special terms we have in place with our suppliers.

Invest in Rentals

There are many different ways to invest in rental property, here are a few…

Buy a multi-family (2-4 units), live in one unit and rent out the others.

  • This is a fantastic way to get started. You will get better financing because it is an owner occupied property and likely you will have your mortgage almost paid off by the rental income received by the other units.
  • Downside to this method is you are living next to your tenants. There’s pretty much no way to get out of being a landlord – your tenants are directly next door.

Buy a fixer-upper and convert into a rental

  • This can be a great way to build equity into your rental but likely not the best overall rate of return on your cash. With a rental property you usually have to spend 20% for a down payment, then if you have to pay for significant improvements right away, your initial investment becomes even more.  You also don’t even start receiving rental income until you get it fixed up and find a tenant.
  • If you don’t need the extra cash in the bank and you would rather have it in equity – this could be a good option for you. If you are looking for the highest rate of return on your total investment then this method might not be the way to go.
  • One creative way to still make a high rate of return with a fixer-upper rental is a HomeStyle Renovation mortgage. This special mortgage program finances the construction costs into the loan.

Buy a “Turn-Key” rental

  • This is the easiest method of real estate investing because you can essentially be hands off, thus the term “Turn-Key”. We do everything for you, find the property, place quality tenants into the property, collect rent, manage maintenance, etc. and you just sit back and receive a check every month.

Property Management

If you already have rental property we can manage it for you. Ohio Property Brothers is uniquely positioned to help lower your maintenance costs and find quality tenants. We have a robust tenant screening process, including in-home interviews, credit and background checks, landlord references and more. Our maintenance program includes everything from regular maintenance calls to completely remodeling and updating your rental and improving your property value. We will work with you to develop a custom package suited to your needs, whether you have 1 house or 100 unit apartment complex.

Why hire a property manager

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