Every stage of life is different. This couple has raised a family in this well loved home and has decided that they want to stay here for the next stage of life. Having something specific to tie into the design is always great fun and it’s easy to spot a favorite flower splashed into this color scheme!



This Design and layout was one of our more challenging tasks. The goal was to leave the main floor footprint the same, with no additional square footage added, while making a more functional use of the space and rooms. Although this thought process is common practice for us in most open concept floor plans, a tricky part here was adding a first floor laundry in an already tight layout. We discussed multiple floor plans before committing to this layout and everyone is extremely happy with the results.

The other tricky part about this project was an existing addition. Everything beyond the new bathroom, towards the rear of the home, is the existing addition. This means that our open concept layout was contingent on securing the original structural rear wall of the home. Through conversations and calculations with an engineer we were able to install wall plating with structural lumber and special fasteners which set our hardpoints for all areas considered during Design. If you look closely at the pantry wall, notice the wall thickness is much wider than the standard interior wall. We were able to utilize these structural nuances while concealing them in plain sight. The tray ceiling in the dining area was expanded to match the new wall thickness and crown molding was added to remove the boxing effect of beams and structural supports in that area. Carrying that wall thickness toward the window allowed for perfect room separation between the double oven and created a great nook for a favorite antique piece.

We created a first floor laundry back to back with the first floor full bathroom and in doing so, allowed reasonable access to all the mechanicals in the basement. This was especially important as we had to move the kitchen to the back corner of the house and we needed room for all the connections to the existing mechanicals. Adding the wall of pantry cabinets at custom depths provided well needed storage for items that come out while entertaining and family events.

This kitchen, while beautiful, is strategically located so that anyone in the kitchen can see and interact with anyone in the other rooms. The previous layout proved difficult during family gatherings, leaving everyone either separated or crammed into a small area. With the new layout, we have a great size island with seating and plenty of room for the cook to prepare and stage meals. Anyone in the kitchen also has an excellent view of the Buckeye game with the built in entertainment center which provides additional storage underneath. Natural light now flows wonderfully in this open concept and we were able to increase natural light with two windows installed at precisely the right height to reach across the countertop and open them to bring in fresh air at any time.



Sunflowers are drawn to natural light and some people who love sunflowers are drawn to beautiful colors! We absolutely love to bring color and natural light into any project and this one was easy to develop a theme. Sourcing materials can be complicated but breaking things down into smaller thoughts is key to bringing the entire design together. This home went from choppy and cramped to open and flowing which means that more floor is seen from more areas allowing us to use a prefinished wood plank running contiguous throughout the other rooms. Color tones in the natural wood offset the off white cabinetry and allowed for different shades of blue to really stand out here. The blue in the island was color matched for the blue in the tray ceiling and the subtle cream and gray hues in the countertops flowed together nicely. We sourced hand made tile from Mexico and Italy providing unique shades of yellow and blue which are centerpieces of the stove and pantry walls. We used built in appliances to showcase the cabinetry instead of an exposed hood vent and refrigerator. This decision added to the striking visual appeal of the large island as we accented a standalone island design with special hardware and pendant lighting. Even the built in entertainment area provided an opportunity to tie in the other areas of the home. We used the same color of cabinetry to create the built in area for television and storage then stained the wood top to match some of the wood tones in the floor. Careful placement of crown molding here and the pantry wall boasts the custom built in feel without buying separate pieces for either area. The bathroom, located next to the entertainment area offered the only area to have it’s own design theme. The copper tone accents on the backsplash seamlessly integrate with the mirror and plumbing fixtures. Dimensional tile in the shower flows naturally down to a flat pebble stone shower floor and the linen patterned tile carries light shades of green throughout the bathroom floor.